Tubby Tabby cartoons on Twitter


I am tweeting daily Tubby Tabby emotocats www.twitter.com/pennybluebean on twitter. I created Tubby Tabby for my sister and he seems to have developed a life of his own. I'm not sure where his career is headed but daily tweets showing different emotions seemed like a good place to start. I do one Tubby Tabby emotocat a day  but if something in the news inspires me I also do a Tabby extra. If you have a good cause which involves animals or suggestins for Tubby Tabby, let me know...you never know, you might get a Tabby extra cartoon dedicated to it.


Original pencil cartoons of these tweets are for sale, get in touch if you are interested. penny@bluebeancartoons.co.uk


Below are some examples of pictures so far - I started out aiming for 100 by Christmas last year. I am now up to about 250 and still going strong. You can click on any image thumbnail to expand it.